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#StyleInTech Helping Your Style Goals In The Office

By: Kiara Holt

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#DauntingTimes: Tech X Women X Clueless Dresscode

Whether you're a recent grad or you've just finished boot camp the next stage is getting your dream job. You've searched high and low for a job until one day BOOM you finally get an interview lined up. The next question is...What do I wear?
Allow me to help here...

1.) A Sweater Beats The Blazer: Business casual is just not what it used to be especially working in tech. Skip the traditional blazer and go for a comfortable sweater one that doesn't make you look serious just professional and adds personality. 
2.) There's A Sleek Slack In Town: Whoever thought of the word slack anyway? Skip those horrible loose pants and go with a crop chic pant that fits accordingly. Of course not super tight just a pant that sits great at the waist and falls greatly on your ankle.
3.) Bags Speak For Themselves: If you have a tone that pulls your look together, awesome! If not, you're still amazing. I would keep it simple and casual.

4. Flats For Life: Now I'm not opposed to not wearing heels but I feel that they aren't a necessity. If you really want to look over the top, grab a sleek pointy flat, still dressy and best of all COMFORTABLE!

5.) Simplicity Wins The Race: The interview is about you not about the jewelry you wear, keep everything at a minimum and just go with a simple stud always leaves a classy touch.

6.)A Touch Of Gloss: As much as we love makeup there are still levels on when you can wear your favortie red lip. All you need is a nude lip, hell even Blistex works! But keep makeup simple, clean and fresh.