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Hoodies & Heels X Zeekit

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Okay, I know what your thinking, "Kiara, what on earth are you up to now?" (hehe) 

So! I've been under the wraps working with an amazing new app called Zeekit

Zeekit, is a new fashion-tech app that allows consumers to virtually “try on” fashion items before buying online or trying on in-store. Get out of town!

The process is simple and prompt. You upload a photo of yourself and proceed with shopping online. Now, as you are shopping online you will virtually see how each piece will fall on your body. Yes! the app is precise to the measurements of your body. (Currently jumping up and down here but you couldn't tell, lol)

Now, I know you're wondering what does this have to do with you Kiara? Well, I had the pleasure to be apart of the Zeekit experience and be one of the models on the app. The experience was amazing! Along with myself and other beautiful women we posed in tank tops and shorts to be models of the app. 

I love the concept of the Zeekit app, being apart of the photoshoot filled with a variety women that are simply open to expressing themselves was amazing.

 BTS footage from Zeekit 

BTS footage from Zeekit 

We as the models posed to help other ladies that don't feel 100% comfortable posting a picture of themselves. Myself included I represent tall women that are proportionally shaped and beautiful.

I felt beautiful! and the goal is to have ALL of my ladies in tech look and feel beautiful. Together, the Hoodies & Heels X Zeekit collaboration will help women in tech build their ultimate style in and outside of the workplace. 

You can download the app here: 

Stay tuned for more!