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#Let'sTalkApps: Catching Up With FairFare's Own Adero Davis

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Imagine getting ready to paint the city red. Once your all set to go you decided to call an Uber.  After two seconds your heart drops because Uber is charging an insane price for what you consider is "down the street". You think to yourself, "Screw it I'll grab a Lyft".

Once you hit the action button to download Lyft, the message of horror pops up, "Not Enough Storage". Now, time is ticking and you now have to delete an app, download Lyft and go back and forth to compare both fares. Insane.

Uh. Hell No! This exact scenario happened to me. It's such a small issue yet so time-consuming going back and forth. What if I said there's an app that allows you to compare Uber and Lyft on one app? Thank me later. 


Over the summer, I met Adero Davis, Co-founder of the amazing app FairFare an app that compares the fares of ride shares and allows riders to book their ride directly from within the app. How Sick?!

I was intrigued by the concept of this app that I had to learn more. We met at a local coffee shop in the Lower East Side and caught up on what it takes to create an app, the difficulty of raising money and what the future brings for FairFare. 


Listen Here:

Download Fairfare here: https://fairfareit.com/