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 Bozoman Saint John,Chief Brand Officer at Uber

Bozoman Saint John,Chief Brand Officer at Uber

*A MUST LISTEN TO*  Bozoman seems to never steer me wrong. God I love her! Known as the, "Women who can save Uber". Poppy Harlow of "Boss Files", sits down with Bozoman and picks her brain on diversity in tech, style and the changes to come for Uber. 

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NYFW: Ph5 X Girls Who Code


I think that’s something people aren’t aware of. You can be into computers and work in the fashion industry.
— Mijia Zhang

I literally jumped up and down with full excitement after learning about this collaboration! During the course of NYFW, Ph5 teamed up with the fabulous ladies over at Girls Who Code. Together, the two created an amazing knitwear collection all while using beautiful code!

How I Fought The Lack Of Diversity at My Silicon Valley Tech Job



Although I found myself included, I was still at the bottom of the social totem pole, feeling lonelier than ever as well as ashamed for having abandoned the most beautiful parts of my cultural identity. Feeling like an impostor all the time, I noticed that my work suffered.
— Chad Sanders

It’s Never Too Late: 3 Women on Second Chances and Changing Careers


By Amelia Diamond

Roll up your sleeves and learn as much as you can about what you’re interested in.
— Polly Rodriguez

I can't lie, after reading this article on Man Repeller, I've secretly been reading it over and over. Adjusting to change has been my biggest struggle. There are so many people that have taken a leap of faith and switch to focusing on tech careers. This article, goes beyond only shining light on women because this post refers to everyone. One day your a personal stylist the next day your studying how to become a UX designer (sound familiar?) I've learned a great sense of myself that life will bring changes and in the end it's okay.  Read more on three magnificent women an how they switched their own careers.

#SoulfulSaturday: Billionaire PA gave me chills in this amazing TED Talks speech. If you need a little inspiration tune into this video and don't forget just keep going.