Hoodies & Heels.

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Hola! I'm Kiara Holt

Seven years ago, I moved from a small town in Edge wood, Maryland to the big apple to pursue my dreams as a Fashion Stylist. Moving to New York led me to experience so many great positions within the fashion industry. I've been blessed to be able to assist top Celebrity stylists, build a range of my own clientele, being published in online publications, style top fashion campaigns and more. My career lead me to grow fond of becoming a personal stylist. There's nothing like one on one interaction and seeing your clients grow.  

Over time, my journey has to lead me towards the tech industry. My startup bug started in 2013, working at my first startup. Technology has opened my eyes to another aspect of life. When your background is in the fashion you naturally are drawn to observing what others are wearing. I've worked at top startups and witnessed amazing people doing awesome things. Yet, I've also witnessed amazing women in tech unsure on what to wear in the workplace. I would always be asked, "Kiara, What should I wear with this top?" or "Man, I love your shoes!". So then it hit me, I was now in an atmosphere that allowed me to help women in a specific industry an build their personal style. Technology and Fashion are two lifestyles that will never go away. I created this blog to embrace the women that are creating magnificent things while working in tech and still understanding your style is just as important.